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Students in Cafeteria

Come learn about our services, your options, and let us help you find the perfect pregnancy care for your family!

Pregnancy Exercise

See your primary midwife for all of your care and benefit from our collaborative work with nurses, lactation, mental and social healthcare, and physicians.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

After you complete your meet and greet you will schedule your first prenatal visit with your midwife. This visit typically lasts 60- minutes.

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Join our community groups and classes for pregnant people, they're open to all and cover a wide range of topics from BellyTalk to Nourish to HelloBaby we are rolling out new classes for 2023!

Mothers and their Baby

Our postpartum care is individualized to meet the unique needs of new parents and babies.  With a combination of home and clinic visits, we are here for you. 


Well visits, annual visits, STI/STD testing, birth control, cervical cancer screening (Paps), perinatal mental healthcare medication management.


Drop-in support for all things lactation! Check baby's latch, get assistance with back-to-work pumping plan or just sit and nurse with our trained lactation experts. 

Online Medical Consultant

Visits for anyone concerned about STI/STD exposure, vaginal infections, urinary tract infections, prevention of herpes outbreaks, and pregnancy confirmation. 

Family Together

Visits for those in need of birth control consultations and removals, preconception information, and support in addition to natural family planning. 

Breast Milk Pump

Our lactation consultants and nurse midwives offer one-on-one appointments and can provide treatment and advice on infections, tongue ties, lip ties, and more.

Doula at Home

Birth doulas are available to midwifery clients as part of our Birth Bundle Program whether you are planning a home, birth center, or hospital birth! 

Two women playing with a baby

Postpartum doulas are available to our midwifery clients to facilitate a smoother transition into parenthood. 

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