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Board of Directors

We are proud to be the recipient of the time, passion, commitment, and resourcefulness of so many individuals*.

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03.06.15 - South Seattle Women_s Health

Rainier Valley Community Clinic is home to Rainier Valley Birth & Health Center, both sponsored by the South Seattle Women's Health Foundation, which is dedicated to creating spaces for high quality, individualized perinatal care and increasing capacity within the community for jobs in the healthcare industry for local women, especially those of color and immigrant women. We love our community and our neighbors!

​South Seattle Women's Health Foundation

  • We collaborate with community partners, local resources, regional and global organizations, and most importantly with the families we serve to transform our Federally Designated Medically Underserved Area into a Corridor of healthcare innovation

  • We provide accessible, affordable learning opportunities designed to promote the skill and knowledge levels of midwives and student midwives

  • We seek allies who will center and support midwives and student midwives of color to join our team

  • We seek out internationally trained midwives and support them through the accreditation and licensure process in Washington State and then provide space for them to start their own practice or to join the RVCC family

  • We use global strategies that are proven to reduce costs and improve the quality of care

  • We teach life skills, health, childbirth, and parenting education classes onsite in community organizations that serve vulnerable and underserved populations

Our board represents our community and its allies and is composed of professionals and community leaders who share a fundamental belief in the mission of our organization. 


Charlotte Nickles (she/her)

Board Secretary


Adrian Lee Mays (she/her)

Board President


Stephanie Bailey (she/her)

Board Vice President


Lika Smith (she/her)

Board Member

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