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Resident Midwife Application


Did you ever want your own birth center?  

Resident Midwives (RMW) have practices of their own but operate out of the Renton Birth Center and attend their client's births at the Renton Birth Center or attend home births. 

Resident Midwives rent use of clinic space (which room may vary depending on active births) and pay a rent to use the space.  Monthly rental fees are $500 per clinic day (for example, clinic on Fridays each week costs $500 per month.  Clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays costs $1000 per month.)  They provide their own basic equipment and supplies and can purchase medications and supplies as needed from the birth center. 

For an additional fee of $400 per month, our front desk can schedule, check-in, and check-out clients for the resident midwives. These midwives will have meet and greets scheduled for them from potential clients who call in seeking care. 


Resident Midwives:

--Clients are greeted by the front desk

--Request ultrasound appointments for their clients

--Request evaluation and treatment from the ARNP team as needed for their clients

--Access to on-call Birth Assistants (fee is covered by RMW) 

--Community Midwife stipend per birth (see agreement for details)

--Listing on our website

--Access to supportive weekly chart review in community with peers who want to learn with and promote each other's work

--LM Credentialing Preceptor for first 5 births for all midwives who have been practicing for less than two years at no cost to you

--Participation in journal reviews and skills drills quarterly

Easy access to per-diem and vacation coverage by other resident midwives who are already credentialed to practice at the birth center. 

Please read the RMW agreements and make sure that you can agree to all before you sign.  

The Process:

--Complete your application

--Your application will be reviewed by two of your peers within two weeks

If accepted: 

--Submit all required documents

--Receive notice of active credential

--Begin credentialing mentorship program (5 charts and births) at no cost to you


$500 annually covers administrative fees for onboarding 

First month rent due prior to start date 

Monthly fees depend on package:

Package 1: one day per week $500

Package 2: two days per week $1000

Package 3: three days per week $1300

Add-on scheduler access: $400 per month

Privileged Midwife Application

Apply here if you would like to rent clinic space and build your practice at the Renton Birth Center. 

Resident Midwife Application

Apply here if you would like to rent clinic space and build your practice at the Renton Birth Center. 

Reviews and Drills

*Prenatal Chart Reviews

*PP Chart Reviews

*Adverse Outcome Reviews

*Skills Drills

*Journal Reviews

Items are open to student members of MAWS in accordance with their rules/bylaws.  Students can attend from any school or practice.

All midwives are required to maintain MAWS membership.

Birth Checklist and Links to forms and logs

Click Here for all PMW and RMW documents and birth checklists

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