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Lactation Support

We help you achieve your breast/chest/bodyfeeding goals and feel supported, safe, and reassured along the way.

We are here for your bodyfeeding challenges.

We can help address breastfeeding discomfort from discomfort or pain, to latch questions, up to tongue or lip tie resolution and back-to-work planning or management of pumping and cluster feeding. Available very weekday except Tuesdays.

To Schedule:                                             or Call 206-712-7352

                   for drop-in Latch Checks --a great place to receive 1-on-1 support for your baby's latching.

Breast/Chest/Bodyfeeding Medicine

- Concerns about oral restriction

   (tongue, lip ties)

- Cracked nipples 

- Slow weight gain for infant 

- Breast conditions

   (thrush, mastitis) 

Lactation Support

- Questions about latch 

- Questions about feeding positioning 

- Emotional support about infant feeding 

- Questions about pumping 

- Questions about milk supply 

- Infant weight check 

Nursing Newborn
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