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We are proud to be the recipient of the time, passion, commitment, and resourcefulness of so many individuals

Rainier Valley Birth & Health Center works hand in hand with local Birth, Postpartum and Full Spectrum Doulas*.

These contracted relationships allow clients in our care to get well rounded support in all areas related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum through our Birth Bundle Project and other programs.

Rainier Valley Birth & Health Center believes that everyone has a right to a doula. 

Clients are matched with doulas to interview and establish care with when they enter into care.


Arneidra Lloyd (she/her)
Certified Birth & Pospartum Doula

unnamed (5)_edited.jpg

Devi Kaleolani Mudaliar (she/her)
Certified Birth & Pospartum Doula

image0 (3)_edited.jpg

Gabbie Price (she/her)
Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula


Tabitha Milian (she/they)
Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Peer Counselor


Alyssa-Cyre "Maka'ala" Oyadomari

Postpartum Doula

Nolwenn Miniere_doula.jpg

Nolwenn Minière (she/her)
Certified Birth & Pospartum Doula,
Parenting Coach


Janie Wright (she/her)
Certified Birth & Pospartum Doula

*Doulas who work with Rainier Valley Birth & Health Center are independent contractors. If you would like to book with them directly, please go to their personal website linked on their bio page.

Doula Care

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