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Our Commitments 


We are more than healthcare, we are a community of communities--connected through intercultural understanding and respect.  We honor the dignity and value of every human being without judgement. We are dedicated to maintaining a community where you hold the power in your decision-making process as we support you in creating the care plan you want. We strive to uphold an inclusive healthcare environment that maximizes intersectional solidarity and acceptance of all people. 

Integrity & Dignity

We hold sacred your agency.  We follow your preferences for your body.  We listen to you and honor who you are here and now, knowing you are all the things you’ve lived, but are not defined by any one of them.  We show up with devotion to authenticity and seek to earn the trust we ask of you.  Our care is trauma-informed and individualized to your needs.  Our work is dedicated to upholding your human right to a dignified experience in your healthcare.

Transformative Change

We are engaged in transformative change as a continuous process. We consistently use discussion, connection, and compassion to nurture organizational, community, and individual healing. Our commitment is to stay at the table, work to decentralize leadership, rise together, and share the power of the work we do using the “Turning Towards Each Other in Times of Conflict” process.

Individual Commitments 

For the past year, we have been working intentionally on our roles and responsibilities as we prepare to open our new Health and Birth Center. We have engaged with teachers, community members, DEI Consultants, and each other, to explore and define our commitment to antiracism.  Out of this work two critical themes rose up:


One:  This work starts on the inside of each of us.


Two: This work is emergent, transformational, and ongoing.  


Our entire staff met several times over the last few months to workshop our commitments. This living document is a reflection of each of us—and of what we bring to this new space. 


I’ve asked each of the RVBHC staff to share how they relate to our commitments.

-Tara Lawal

"These commitments are my promise to my colleagues and to the communities we serve that my presence will be reliable and gentle, that I will give intention to learning, personal growth,  and repair; and that I will cultivate my own grief to rise as compassion and to contribute to a just future." 

-Jodilyn Owen


"I am committed to creating operational and administrative systems that support and nourish clients, families, staff, and visitors by reflecting RVBHC's values of belonging, integrity, dignity, and transformative change."

-Julia Neace

"I am committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders toward our mutual goal of providing equitable, compassionate, trauma-informed care in a way that nurtures our clients, our team, and our community."  

-Arya Pretlow

"I am committed to provide equitable care that is based on the latest evidence, fully supporting the uniqueness of each child and their family. I strive to provide trauma-informed care that promotes resilience and healing. I commit to working with my team and community stakeholders to improve our systems and challenge our perspectives for a more inclusive and fair organization. "

-Samy Kunze Garcia

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