Group Prenatal Care® 
Supportive pregnancy care that connects, educates, and prepares.

Until further notice, our pregnancy groups are being held virtually, on Zoom.

Join our midwives, health educators, and other local families to learn together and get all of your pregnancy questions answered.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday night, 6-7:30pm PST

Questions? Email our Health Educator for more information at

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What Is Group Prenatal Care?

Our prenatal groups create community. They allow pregnant clients to come together to share their personal experiences and learn from each other and from our experts. We discuss everything from common discomforts, stress management, nourishing the body, mind, and family, to labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and infant care. Our prenatal groups are facilitated by a trained health educator and a midwife who work as a team to make sure everyone gets what they need. 


The group setting helps clients actively engage in their own healthcare and own their health information. Our group participants are prepared for labor, delivery, and to care for their infant. They have a good understanding of what is normal during pregnancy and what is cause for concern. 


Members also get to learn from others who have more experience and mentor those who have less experience with pregnancy and parenting. It's a true community and group members often stay in touch long after their pregnancy care comes to an end. 



Why Join A Group?

Research shows that we all prefer to have an outlet for sharing the day-to-day experiences and stress of our lives, and this shared understanding is one of the biggest benefits of this model of group prenatal care. There's something very comforting, when you're feeling overwhelmed, about hearing your story reflected in the stories of others around you. We don't solve every problem, but tremendous healing occurs in the act of sharing and group sessions.


Plus, groups are informal, relaxed, and fun to attend! During COVID-19, our groups are held virtually online, so you can join from the comfort of your own home, while on your couch, and even in your pajamas!

Our Approach During COVID-19:

Before COVID-19, clients who enrolled in our prenatal groups would meet in-person with their group leaders. During those sessions, clients would receive individualized prenatal care with their midwife, according to the normally recommended schedule of prenatal appointments. However, due to COVID-19 we have moved our prenatal groups to an online, virtual setting. Our sessions now feel more like a community and social support group, and our midwives no longer provide prenatal clinical care during them. The prenatal groups still allow for clients to engage with our midwives, connect with others who are also pregnant, and create community, but all clients who join our prenatal groups will also receive one-on-one appointments with their midwife to address the normal prenatal care schedule. 


Questions? Email our Health Educator for more information at

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