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Childbirth education classes for birthing people starting at 27-32 weeks pregnant. Our Childbirth Educator will go over a wide array of topics from comfort measures to postpartum care.

Family at the Park

A collaborative program amongst providers and doulas, of fun curriculum and activities for families or just parents.

Baby Eating Food

A nutrition program for new families to integrate easy, healthy eating habits after birth. We host monthly cooking demos to show families how they can easily incorporate nutritional veggies in their diet and baby's food.

Young Mothers Practicing Yoga

Community Yoga

Join our community groups and classes for pregnant people, they're open to all and cover a wide range of topics from BellyTalk to Nourish to HelloBaby we are rolling out new classes for 2023!

Friendly Conversation

Preparing for Pregnancy

Do you want to get pregnant in the next 1-2 years? Join our class on all things preconception and fertility care. 

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