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Fees & 
Payment Options

When it comes to paying for healthcare, it's important that you know your rights. 

--You have the right to know the costs of your care

--You have the right to tell us not to inform of or bill to your insurance company or employer for services you receive here and to cash pay for services, even if you have insurance 

--In WA State you have the right to access family planning services and/or STI screening, testing, and treatment at no cost to you if you need confidentiality or do not otherwise qualify for Apple Health.  If you choose this option, you are responsible for completing Family Planning Only forms and bringing them to us to process

--In WA State if you are a teen, you may be able to qualify for Apple Health coverage of your own, on your own

Pregnant?  We have a $500 non-refundable registration fee for all pregnancy care with private or employer-funded insurance plans. You can build this into your payment plan. 

This fee is standard in the industry and ranges from $500-$1000 depending on the practice you receive care from. We are a non-profit and do not charge this fee to people who are members of Apple Health plans. 

Subscribe and Save for Cash Pay Care: 

This option allows one monthly hour-long visit and one virtual 20-minute follow-up visit at a reduced rate of $1200 per year when paid up front (savings of $600). This option works well for people with medications that need adjustments in dosing or for use until you find the correct medication and the correct dose or for people who want to see a provider monthly for accountability check-ins. 

Unsure if you qualify for Apple Health? 

Please call our partner Sandra at CHPW for a painless and fast walk-through to determine eligibility and sign up for coverage if you qualify. 

Email or Call 360-597-5345

Bill My Insurance

Call your insurance company and make sure that your provider of choice is covered under your plan.  It is your responsibility to know that you we are covered in or out of network with your plan and what your deductible and copays are.

If you are birthing with us, make sure that your insurance covers the cost of the facility fee for Rainier Valley Birth & Health Center

Know your deductible. If you have little chance of meeting your deductible this year, it may pay to cash pay for your health visits, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.  


Bill My Apple Health or Medicaid Plan

We can bill nearly all Apple Health plans and Medicaid for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care.  We can bill medicare for health services provided by a Doctor or Advanced Nurse Practitioner. 


Cash Pay for Non-Birth Services 

All non-birth services incur a flat rate fee of $150 per visit with the provider.  This includes an hour-long visit, evaluation, insertion of family planning devices like an IUD or Nexplanon, sending your prescription to your preferred pharmacy, drawing blood or obtaining lab samples and sending them to LabCorp (the bill from LabCorp is separate and can be billed to your insurance), and sending referrals for specialists as needed.  For IUD or Nexplanon you pay one time for a visit divided into a 15 minute virtual visit for choosing the type of device you would like and a 45 minute in-person visit for placing the device. 

STI Screening for Partners $25 add-on. 


Cash Pay for Birth Services 

We offer cash pay fees for your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Many families choose to cash pay if they have little likelihood of meeting their insurance deductible this year.  We can convert to insurance-billed for the birth if plans change and a hospital birth is required. 

Insurance companies and employers don't always negotiate the best rate or coverage for you.  You have the right under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Rule to work directly with your healthcare provider at an agreed upon cash rate.


Prices for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and early newborn care depend on a variety of factors.  Please email us to set up a time for a full discussion. 

For questions or to schedule now: email 

Come find your perfect fit for all of your healthcare needs. 

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