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Genetic Screening Options

There are options for genetic screening of parents and of baby.

For parents:

You can complete free genetic counseling to help determine if you are at risk for being a carrier or for passing a disease to your baby. 

The lab will advise you which carrier screens, if any, you should complete.  Please send their recommendations through CHARM EHR and your midwife can order them for you.

For baby: 

The counselor may advise you to take a specific Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (NIPT) or you may choose to take the standard NIPT called MaterniT21 Plus with or without sex of baby.  If you would like additional chromosomes tested (normally this is due to risk factors), you may be advised to take the MaterniT Genome test.  Be sure to get the costs for the test you need.  Be sure to tell your midwife which test you want to take. 

Know your costs!  Apple Health covers these tests 100%.  For private or employer insurance companies and policies, please use the cost calculator or call labcorp.  Do ask if there are any cost-reduction or cost cap programs you can join. There nearly always are.  

If you cannot afford the cost of this test, and labcorp does not have a cost savings program for you, we can offer a combined blood draw and ultrasound screen which is less accurate.  It requires an ultrasound at week 13 and blood draw at week 16 of the pregnancy and the ultrasound at 20 weeks to complete. 

Paternity Testing Information

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