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Current Clients

On Call Number 888-930-2255

This is the 24 hour answering service.  Please use this number for any concerns or urgent needs or if you are in labor. 


Non Urgent Questions

Please send through Charm EHR messaging in your portal or CharmConnect App (if you want to use the app, let us know and we will open a chat for you. 

To schedule a visit


Welcome Pack

Please Click Here for a copy of your Welcome Packet 

Click Here for Overview of Care: Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Care

Recommended Supplements for Pregnancy

Please note all supplements are available at multiple online retailers, search your favorite for best prices.  We like the linked to brands because the quality has been studied and they tend to absorb well. 

Basic Prenatal Vitamin 

Prenatal DHA

Vitamin D take one per day


All handouts for all trimesters

Click Here  and see page two for a clickable directory of handouts

Genetic Screening Options

Please Click Here for more information 

Mental healthcare Support

Please visit for more information and resources

TDaP Vaccine information--walk into any pharmacy between 27 and 32 weeks of pregnancy for your shot! 

Submit your 5 day Nourishment Diary online through your charm portal

Track 5 days of food, liquid, exercise and sleep before your 20-week appointment and send to your midwife for a complete strategy session on growing a baby that is the right size for your body to birth, nourishing your baby's brain and developing body, and supporting you with the energy you need to live your life to the fullest! 

Register for Group Prenatal Care

Click Here

Expected Fees in Care

All the CarSeat 411

Click Here

Breastpump, supplies, and support & Compression socks, belly bands

Nurturing Expressions (local store with equipment, supplies, fitting, and groups)

Order Online at aeroflow or motif

Lactation Consultant visits 7 days a week at Valley Lactation Services, call for appt

Main Hospital, 2nd Floor

400 South 43rd Street

Renton, WA 98055

Call425.228.3450 x2526

Best Recommendations from Your Team

Nourishing yourself and your pregnancy:  Lily Nichols books and blog

Bloom Method exercise and movement for pregnancy and postpartum.  There is a fee for this service but we have seen great outcomes! 

Dogs and Babies

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