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Belly Talk 
Supportive pregnancy care that connects, educates, and prepares.

Join our health educator, midwives, fabulous guest speakers,

and other local families to learn together and get all of your pregnancy questions answered.

Next session starts soon, CLICK HERE to register today!

Welcome! Join us as we dive into all of the common (and uncommon!) questions about pregnancy, baby, birthing, and parenting!  This class is open to everyone whether you are a current RVBHC client, neighbor, or just a person who wants to learn more and share some time with other pregnant people!


What to Expect

Every class you'll have time to bring your current questions and musings to the group. We hit all the hot topics from pregnancy, to childbirth prep, to feeding your baby and early parenting tips and tricks! 

  • What to expect during your childbirth journey

  • Eating healthier during pregnancy

  • Locus of control and mindfulness

  • Comfort measures during labor (bring your partners)

  • Breast/Chest milk and formula milk

  • The 4-1-1 on breast/chest milk and formula milk 

  • Postpartum care for the birthing parent and baby (bring your partners)

  • Creating your ideal birth preference plan 


What Past Participants Have Loved

  • Meeting others!

  • The amazing supportive group for parents planning all kinds of births

  • Feeling not so alone in not knowing 

  • Asking pressing questions (no questions too small, no body function off limits)

  • Hearing firsthand experiences from the Health Educator 

  • Having regular access to a provider

  • The TONS of resources

  • The AWESOME guest speakers


Each group is hosted by a trained health educator and one of our midwives, and they work as a team to make sure everyone gets what they need. 


The Details

We're currently in the summer session. We meet weekly on Tuesdays at 6pm for 8 weeks. Each class stands alone so if you miss one, just pop back in the following week.

Grab a friend and join in, all are welcome! 

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