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Gabbie Price (she/her)
Birth & Postpartum Doula

I am a birth doula who is deeply passionate about supporting women and families  during one of the most transformative experiences of their lives. I believe that birth is a sacred event that deserves to be honored and celebrated, and I am committed to helping women achieve the birth experience that they desire.

As a birth doula, i provide emotional, physical, and informational support to women and families  throughout their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. I believe that this work is incredibly important, as it helps to ensure that women have a positive and empowering birth experience.

I am deeply committed to the history of birth support, recognizing the important role that is  played in providing support during childbirth throughout history. I am passionate about continuing this legacy and ensuring that women have access to the support and care that they need during this important time.

In addition to my work as a birth doula, I am  involved in several organizations that are dedicated to natural birth and supporting women during the childbirth process. I recognizes the important role that these organizations play in ensuring that women have access to the resources and support that they need, and i am committed to being a part of this movement.

Overall, I find my work as a birth doula to be incredibly rewarding. I am honored to be able to witness the miracle of birth and to help women and families  achieve the birth experience that they desire.

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