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Alyssa -Cyre "Maka'ala" Oyadomari (she/her)
Post-Partum Doula, Body Work and Intuitive Massage, Movement/Dance Facilitator, Reiki Certified

Aloha! I am a Native Hawaiian (Kānaka Maoil) and Asian American (Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Okinawan) Doula with a focus in Post-partum recovery, healing, and family support. I was born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. I miss my island home dearly, but I am reminded that I can remain connected to my people and find Aloha spirit no matter where I am. To the Kānaka Maoli families across the ocean, here in Washington, I am here for you. Even if you are not Native Hawaiian, just know that I will bring that warm and caring Aloha spirit into your home. I will be an awesome aunty to your little one, and I will always treat you like my ʻohana (family). 


My birthwork journey began after the birth of my precious son with Rainer Valley BC. I was surrounded by so much love, trust, support and care from the whole family. It was the experience I deserved and was honored to receive. I sought out a birth and postpartum doula certification with Center for Indigenous Midwifery and was  inspired to give back and stay a part of this Rainier Valley family. In the future, I aspire to move back to Hawaii and bring this service and gift back home. 


I am also a māmā of a mastif puppy, chickens, ducks, koi fish and of course lāʻau (plants). On my days off, if i'm not stuck under my baby (haha), I can be found teaching a dance class, performing around the city, painting with watercolors, sewing/mending clothes, learning ʻŌlelo Hawaii, gardening, harvesting herbs, near a bonfire, or on my stand-up paddle board. I love to create and explore in order to fill my cups so I can better care for others.


I am passionate about supporting you after birth and during the time of greatest healing, rest, change and uncertainty. The best way I know how to care for people is through storytelling, gentle hands-on healing, movement and dance, herbal medicine, nature, laughter, creativity, art and Aloha spirit. I hope we can connect and it would be an honor to support you and your family. 

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