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  • Ancestral Roots Birth & Lactation

Tabitha Milian (she/they)
Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Peer Counselor

I started my journey as a birth worker in 2010 as a birth doula. When I became a parent I shifted gears into lactation support, postpartum doula work, and childbirth education. I’m passionate about reclaiming the 40 days post birth as a special and sacred time for healing and community support, so we can hold up new parents so they feel empowered and capable of handling and holding the complexities of new parenthood. I became a lactation peer counselor in 2019, and I am currently undergoing further lactation training throughout 2023. I love helping folks imagine, re-imagine, and reach their human milk feeding goals, either from the body, from pumping, or milk banks. How to pump properly, store milk, what to do if there is discomfort, how to work with your body and your baby’s body for a successful latch, how to continue lactation when going back to work; these are just some of the topics we get into.  I am also a childbirth educator since 2020, using zoom to teach classes remotely, in person, or pre-recorded.  I grew up in San Antonio, Tx, my family is from Cuba and Morocco, and I have lived in the North West since 2007. I enjoy gardening, biking, foraging, learning about herbal medicines, and spending quality time with my child.

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