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We are here to provide you with an extraordinary healthcare experience.

Pregnancy Care: What you can expect at RVM:

  • We practice a continuity of carer model--your midwifery-led team is the same for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care

  • We are committed to understanding your goals for your health and partnering with you to achieve them

  • We happily support families planning a birth center, home, or hospital birth. 

  • We will provide care that keeps your family at the center

  • We offer community:  groups and classes to bring you together with neighbors and peers

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Navigating Pregnancy Options

  • Book a free visit to learn about

    • your pregnancy care options in King County​

    • your birthing options in King County

    • what to expect from your pregnancy care and provider

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We accept Apple Health and most insurance plans

  • Apple Health plans are covered to 100% with no extra charges or fees

  • Click Here to inquire if we accept your private insurance plan

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Our Team

Our model is midwifery-led and our Midwives are Jenn Linstad and Jodilyn Owen. They are joined by Lead Student Midwife Ceci Duncan

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