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Lizz Fay, LM CPM (she/they)
Licensed Midwife

Lizz began her journey to midwifery at an early age after witnessing her brother's home birth. She graduated with honors from Stanford University, majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in adolescent sexuality. She volunteered extensively with the university’s sexual, reproductive, and mental health student groups. She has lived in the Seattle area for over nine years and is very happy to call the Pacific Northwest home.


As a white, queer person with plenty of privilege, Lizz is passionate about building a truly inclusive midwifery practice and acknowledges that her privilege leads to blank spots. She is committed to educating herself and working tirelessly to offer care that meets clients where they are and honors the whole of their experience.


Outside of midwifery, Lizz loves making flower salads, knitting, gardening, and taking her cat for walks.  

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