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Janie Wright (she/her)
Certified Doula

My path as a doula began with my transition into motherhood. I was barely 20 years old and just beginning to understand life. I studied for my Associate of arts at Spokane Community College and found out I was pregnant the same year. Becoming a Mother myself was the catalyst in the journey to becoming a doula. After my experience with pregnancy, labor, and birth, I connected with community to understand the importance of a doula in improving birth outcomes and helping a person to feel cared for at such an important and vulnerable time. Throughout this time in college, I cared for infants, toddlers, and children, at daycares and elementary schools. Then, at Eastern Washington University I majored in race and culture studies so I could pursue a career as an organizer. I was able to focus some of my studies on researching my family history of Indigenous and African descent and have learned many of my elders have stories of being partera/o’s (midwives). Learning this history, grew my curiosity into how I could follow my rooted joy. While I loved organizing and learned so much, I felt I missed connecting to people. I realized that I found so much joy in supporting people in preparing for a baby and followed that deep contentment. In 2020 I took the full circle doula training with Shafia Monroe Consulting. Now I am so excited to be serving families and the little ones in the transition, as a doula, from prenatal visits, labor, and postpartum visits. I am also proud to offer support for Spanish-speaking families!

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