Patient Verification of Benefits:

Your Estimate for Pregnancy & Birth Care

Do you want to know if your insurance covers midwifery care from Rainier Valley Midwives? We can help you understand what your insurance plan covers and estimate how much your care and delivery will cost. 

Insurance plans we DO accept:

  • We accept most private insurance companies and we can bill as out-of-network if needed.

  • We accept the following Medicaid plans*: Molina, Coordinated Care, Amerigroup, CHPW, and Provider One.

  • Apple Health (Medicaid): All RVM services will be covered at 100% and you do not need to complete the form below to get an exact estimate.

*If you have a Medicaid plan not listed above (eg, United Healthcare Plan), please change to a plan that we do accept by calling the Exchange at 800-562-3022. This process should take one phone call.


To get an estimate of how much your care will cost with your given insurance plan, please review and complete the form below. Note: The form below is HIPAA compliant and your information will remain confidential: 

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