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Ebony "She Brings Joy Stillwater" Dixon (she/her)
Certified birth and postpartum Doula

Ebony “She brings Joy Stillwater” Dixon is an African American and Indigenous (Keetowah Tsalagi/Cherokee, Seminole, Lakota, and Freedman decendent) certified lactation educator, trained birth & postpartum doula through Global Perinatal Services and Bastyr, Canoe Journey Herbalist apprentice, Indigenous Childbirth Educator graduate through Center for Indigenous Midwifery, trained Indigenous birth assistant through center for Indigenous Midwifery, former student of Grandmas Hands Pregnancy & Postpartum Herbs and Nutrition in the Southern Black tradition, former Vice president of the Indigenous Students Association at Highline College and former Highline College Club president of Moms Elevated which received 2 awards; Women in action award 2019 and Student Legacy Award 2019.


She is both a traditional womb healer and certified steam bath facilitator, also known as v-steam, with both direct steaming lineage from her Native grandmothers who maintained steam baths in birth ceremony and additional training in postpartum recovery, miscarriage recovery, and sexual trauma and assault recovery. She has collaborated with The Maternal Coalition to co facilitate birth trauma workshops in support of her communities. She works and strives to further educate and help bridge the gap between medical womb trauma and racism with traditional womb healing practices to protect and restore her BIPOC communities. Ebony has also taught classes at Highline College on African American and Native American cultural breastfeeding and historical trauma in 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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