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Triniti Arianna Gorbunova


Lactation Contractor

Hi! My name is Triniti Gorbunova and I am so happy you are here. I am beyond grateful to be a part of such a loving team here at Rainier Valley Birth & Health Center.

My family shows their love with food, so it felt natural to become an advocate for food security and equitable nutrition education. I worked with the WIC program for 5 years before working here at RVBHC! During my time at WIC I began to fall in love with parents, babies, and lactation. It is my joy to help families navigate the barriers and choices they have on how they want to feed their infants. During my time at WIC I also heard parents tell me they felt that their providers didn't believe them, they didn't have enough time during visits, they felt invisible during the postpartum period, and that it was hard to obtain the help they needed. I grew a desire to get to know families during their pregnancies and support them during the postpartum period. I met six amazing midwives during my time at grad school and my world changed! Understanding what birth and holistic reproductive healthcare could look like opened my eyes to a world of possibility. I'm so happy to be able to connect with you and support you during your pregnancy and beyond. 

I am here to provide education, options, resources, and support so that you can have a fulfilling feeding experience with your child. I believe the best way to feed a baby is the way you feel happiest and safest offering.

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