Tania Gilbert (she/her)
Certified Doula

Tania has worked with young children and families since the age of 13. She started as a volunteer childcare provider at her church's daycare. At this time, she cared primarily for infants and toddlers.


Throughout high school, Tania continued building her early career as a childcare provider by working in a variety of positions. She started a small neighborhood business that offered childcare services after school and on weekends. In addition, she worked as a full-time nanny during the summer months for a family with 3 young children (2 toddlers and 1 infant). Lastly, Tania worked at the local YMCA and floated between the infant and toddler classrooms. She provided short term childcare services while their parents worked and/or worked out. Tania eventually majored in Early Childhood Education and Child Development at Ivy Tech State College. However, she later transferred to Indiana State University where she completed her education. 


Post-graduation, Tania gained employment at a private kindergarten through the 6th-grade program. During her tenure as a teacher, Tania has taught preschool, kindergarten, and art. In addition to substitute teaching other elementary grades prior to navigating away from the field of education. Furthermore, while in residency at the private school, Tania developed and implemented a curriculum for several before and aftercare school clubs. At this point, Tania chose to transition to full time year-round affordable nanny care. This change in practice provided families in need with reasonable summer camp options.


Upon moving to California in 2016, Tania began taking prerequisite coursework for admissions to a direct-entry midwifery program. Upon reflection of her career, Tania realized that she has been serving as both and postpartum doula for friends and family members since 2001. 


In 2019, Tania became a CAPPA trained postpartum doula. As of 2020, she is enrolled with Stillbirthday to become a certified birth and bereavement doula. Tania is passionate about working with infants and their families in a myriad of ways. She is working towards becoming a Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Educator, and Newborn Care Specialist.


Tania is patient, professional, structured, and organized all while being lighthearted gentle and fun. Tania has worked with high profile clients. She has a valid driver’s license and U.S. Passport. She is CPR and First Aid certified. Tania has completed MAB (maladaptive behavior training). Additionally, she is a knowledgeable, supportive, and experienced follower of  RIE. Tania has taken communication courses through Landmark Forum.


She looks forward to being a strong reliable source of education, support, and advocacy to families looking for an extra set of hands and gentle positive encouragement.


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