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Stasha Thomas (she/her)
Medical Receptionist, Renton

Stasha is committed to promoting intersectionality, anti-racism, and anti-violence within our community. She is no stranger to the world of local community organizing, as her social justice adventure began in high school when she discovered inequality and inequity within her school district. During that time, Stasha served as a student consultant for the school board, facilitating a number of school-sanctioned community gatherings in hopes of enacting positive changes within the community.


Stasha has experience in family law, administration, and customer service and received her Associate of Arts (AA) in Social Justice Studies from Solano College. Stasha was born and raised in the greater Seattle area but spent a few years living in Northern California. She loves fresh air, beautiful scenery, and any large body of water. When Stasha isn’t working, she thoroughly enjoys cooking for her roommates, reading, and has a knack for makeup and fashion. 


Being the front desk representative, Stasha aspires to act in solidarity with pregnant people and families as they move into their power, providing them information to make informed decisions and experience pregnancy on their terms. She hopes that exhibiting welcoming positivity and warmth in her own community will play an integral part in transforming the ways that humans communicate with one another in order to create a more peaceful and just world. 

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