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Sarah Nicole Herrington


Certified Nurse Midwife

I grew up in the Arizona desert and found my way home in the trees, mountains and waters of the northwest over a decade ago. I love movement, hiking, swimming, tree bathing, cooking, reading, learning, and most of all parenting my fiery and amazing young daughter. I am inspired by the strength of women’s bodies, the resilience of children and families, my mother and sister’s birthing, parenting, and nursing experiences and my own reproductive health and parenting journeys. A lifelong learner, I completed nurse practitioner certification in nurse midwifery and family practice. I am an international board certified lactation consultant. Most recently it has been a joy to study infant craniosacral therapy and offer this gentle and grounding healing for babies. My goal is to be present to your experience, to give you the information that you need to make the right choice for your and your family’s health, and to use my hands to heal, while honoring your autonomy and the wisdom of your body. I have the deepest respect and awe for community midwives and birth professionals and am grateful to find a place among those at RVM. At RVM I specialize in women’s health and contraception, fertility enhancement, breastfeeding medicine, reproductive health for trans and non-binary individuals, and infant craniosacral therapy.

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