Kayla Marie Seresun
Health Studies Intern
University of Washington, Bothell

My name is Kayla Seresun (She/Her), I’m currently located in Everett, WA. I am employed part-time at Northwest Animal Care Hospital (NWACH) as a Pet Resort Specialist and am dual trained as a Hospital Attendant. I am also a 4th year student at UWB majoring in Health Studies, minoring in Health Education and Promotion, and am planning on graduating at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year! When I graduate, I hope to go into the field of health education and promotion through non-profit work to implement positive changes into our community. Working in the veterinary field stemmed from and strengthened my skills in compassion. In my studies at UWB I’ve been inspired to transfer this aspect of compassion into people. From October 2020 to June 2021, I was able to put this into practice as a student volunteer through the BASTA Coalition of Washington, a new non-profit seeking to prevent sexual harassment in the agriculture industry. In my time working with BASTA, myself and a team of other volunteers collaborated to do research on the topic as well as created a variety of media resources to educate others and bring more attention to the issues that affect farm-workers. I was also able to shadow some of the business practices that went into starting a non-profit as BASTA reached non-profit status in June 2021. Through these experiences I’ve gained soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and compassion. I’ve also gained hard skills in navigating research and utilizing technology to reflect research into media tools.

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