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Julia Neace (she/her)
Project Manager

Julia Neace is a self-taught administrator who has honed her craft of helping organizations run more smoothly over a ten year period of discovery and travel.  Following the path of her heart, Julia’s pursuit of real-world training and experience led her from Seattle, where she grew up, to California, Texas, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Hawai’i, North Carolina, Oregon, and back to Seattle, where she joined Rainier Valley Midwives in 2021.  Julia has held roles in naturopathic and integrative medicine offices, herbal medicine and acupuncture centers, a non-profit community clinic, a functional nutrition practice, a personal training facility, and as an in-home caregiver with a focus on dementia.  


Along the way, Julia visited her family of fisher-people in Alaska, learned to play piano and violin, attended massage therapy school, moved to a remote off-grid ecovillage, spent two years in San Francisco studying creative writing and poetry, danced barefoot in the desert, and eventually gained a bachelor’s degree in psychology. A Portland, Oregon native, Julia loves art in all forms, dogs, hot springs, wandering through the forest, and all things cozy.


It’s Julia’s goal to contribute to Rainier Valley Midwives in a way that improves the lives of everyone in our community.

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