Jess Artigliere (she/her)
Medical Receptionist, Renton & Seattle

As an artist and community care worker, Jess finds the cornerstone of their work is to cultivate resiliency against the casual violence of dominant culture. She often nestles humor against factual information to offer outlets of relief.


Innately drawn to this work, Jess decided to become a birth worker after seizing an opportunity to drive cross country and then landing in a living situation with a midwife. Inspired to support birthing people, she began mentorship and doula training. These experiences allowed Jess to connect with their autonomy and build community. By allowing herself to engage with this work, it is her hope birthing people claim their own right to autonomous, community-based care.


Jess is an advocate of rituals that support the birth giver’s need for rest and nourishment. She gently holds space for clients as they navigate the complex emotions that may arise during this time and make sure they are well rested, fed, and connected with community referrals.


When Jess is not working, they're usually on a long walk collecting flowers, planning a dinner party with friends, or drawing in their cozy room.

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