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Jenn Linstad, MSM, LM CPM (she/her)

Licensed Midwife

Hi! I’m Jenn. I’m a midwife, a mother, an artist, and about a thousand other things. I am so grateful you are here.

I came to RVCC in February 2020, having been in birthwork since 2008. I am humble to be here, and to be in a position to serve you. I fully acknowledge that as a white, cisgender woman I have a lot of privilege, and it is my joy to use this privilege to support systemic change in how pregnancy care is experienced, and how the midwifery model of care improves outcomes. The work in dismantling these systems is far from over, and I strive to earn allyship and accomplice-hood.

As your midwife, my hope is that you experience non-judgmental, loving, attentive care. I will listen to you. I will hear you. I will never know first-hand what it is like to experience healthcare as a brown or black person, but I am here to believe you when you tell me what it is like, and what you need. You deserve better, and I’m here to try to provide it.

 I am also a health at every size healthcare provider, and will always champion your strong, healthy body. You are powerful, you are amazing, and you are gift to this world.

Having midwifery care changed my life and acted as a roadmap to me finding my confidence and discovering my potential. I am here to provide a safe, loving space so that you too might discover all the power you have inside of you. As your midwife I would like to use my experience, compassion, knowledge and love to support this whole-self journey and revolution.

On the personal, I live in Kent with my two kids, my oldest a magnificent, proud member of the trans and LGBTQ+ community, and my son, the human with the biggest, most loving heart that ever existed who, at 13 is already taller than me at nearly 6 feet. While we have an ever-evolving menagerie of pets, currently you might end up on a zoom alongside kitten Hercules.

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