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Jaida McDonald
Student Midwife
Bastyr University

Jaida graduated from California State University Sacramento with a bachelors of Womens Studies in 2021. Her experience with womens' rights and gender equity has inspired her to pursue a profession in midwifery where her focus will be on equitable and informed care in order to better marginalized communities. While her experience with birth work is only just beginning, in 2019 she volunteered at Sutter Hospital on the Maternal Newborn floor, where she helped postpartum mothers and parents be comfortable and healthy after conceiving new life. She assisted with setting up patient rooms, making information pamphlets and helping file paperwork as she volunteered in this community. It was because of this experience that she decided to finish her bachelors and immediately pursue a masters degree in midwifery, as she thought it was a more holistic approach to pregnancy. She is currently enrolled in her first year at Bastyr University and is excited to grow and learn more about the power of birth and her own influence within the birthing community. 

Other than being a student, Jaida likes to spend most of her days wrapped up in a blanket with a good book. She loves to read in her free time and also knits and crochets when she has extra time. When she is feeling active, she likes to hike the trails near the Bastyr campus and also explore Seattle. One of her favorite activities to do in Seattle is to find authentic food to eat and also drink bubble tea.

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