Jae Morgan (she/her)
Office Manager, Renton 

Jae has worked in the healthcare community as a case manager for over 15 years and has 35 years experience in administrative, reception and customer service.  The communities she has served were  mental health, the developmentally disable, and Seniors.  Her passion is to continue to be an advocate for these communities as well as fight to unravel the implicit bias and racial disparities taking place in the healthcare system.


Since she is the one of the first points of contact, whether by phone or in person. Her job is to welcome prospective, current and returning clients with professionalism and compassion that translates to a smooth transition to a  sometimes confusing and overwhelming intake process.  


As the mother of four adult daughters, it has become her mission for her daughters to learn confidence, love and compassion, perseverance and determination, self-love, strength and independence and for them to ALWAYS know their worth. The goal was to implant these qualities giving them the tools to combat whatever inequalities they will face. 


Her hobbies are spending every weekend with family, being an avid movie buff, belonging to a book club that has only read one book, home improvement, and traveling. 


"I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change.  I am changing the things I cannot accept"


-Angela Davis 

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