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Eli Seibel (she/her)

Eli (pronounced “ell-ee”, she/they pronouns) comes to birthwork after many years caring and loving on babies and children as a childcare worker. After playing both witness and support to a close friend’s birth and postpartum period, eli was immediately drawn in and eventually took her first birthwork training with Shafia Monroe Consulting and shortly after, Sumi’s Touch and this was only the beginning!


Eli is commited to serving racially and economically diverse families, particularly queer & trans families, queer & trans folks of color, spanish speaking families as well as supporting folks thru the full spectrum of reproductive care including pregnancy, birth, postpartum, abortion, miscarriage and adoption. As a mixed race black and latinx adoptee, Eli views birthwork as a way to reconnect with her lineage and ancestral ways of healing reproductive care through herbs, food, loving touch and non-judgemental support. Providing vital information to families and supporting them in making informed decisions is an important part of her role as a doula. 


When not working as a doula or childcare worker, she can be found scheming and dreaming other with artists and printmakers, practicing her leona, and playing with her poodle pup Nugget.

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