Support Through COVID-19

Open to all families planning a hospital birth who wish to reduce the total amount of time they will spend in the hospital. A midwife will come to your home during the first part of your labor and provide you with an assessment of your and baby's well being and the progress you have made. You will receive information and guidance to help you get to the hospital at just the right time. Many hospitals are discharging mothers and babies between six and twelve hours postpartum.  We can come to your home to complete all newborn screens, check on your healing and recovery, and help with breastfeeding. 


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To transfer your care from your hospital based provider into our services, please carefully follow the directions on the Transfer into Our Care" form by clicking HERE or on the purple bar above. 

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COVID-19 Updates

We are committed to upholding the safety standards established by King County and Washington State.  We attend regular Public Health updates to ensure that we are in compliance with recommended practices at all times.

Our midwifery team can answer questions specific to your care and birth plans and work with you to achieve safe, healthy outcomes for your family. 

The King County Dashboard highlights data that shows that communities that are marginalized and underrepresented are bearing the burden of COVID-19 in their health, finances, and social structures.  We support the measures that have been presented to King County Public Health which encourage distribution of the vaccine to these communities urgently. 

Please visit the King County Dashboards to learn more, and ask your midwife or healthcare provider for help navigating what this means for your family.