Kyle Kilmer (she/her)

Hi! My name is Kyle Kilmer and I'm a nursing student in my senior year at Seattle University. I'm originally from Arlington, WA (north of Seattle) and love living immersed in the natural beauty of the PNW! I've been interested in midwifery since I was an undergrad at UW (studying Biology) several years ago, and I'm hoping to work as an L&D nurse when I graduate with my BSN. Before returning to school for nursing I worked for 3 years as a patient services representative at Neighborcare Health, where I met some passionate nurses who inspired me to consider that field. One of the things that really draws me to nursing, and to midwifery, is the ability and responsibility to help people feel empowered within the healthcare system. I currently work at Center for Birth in Eastlake as their admin assistant, and have loved getting the chance there to be involved in the birth community around Seattle. Outside of school and work, I enjoy running, hiking, reading, and am learning to garden and expand my cooking and baking skills. I'm very inspired by RVCC's work and mission, excited to learn more about what you all do, and looking forward to meeting you and the clients and community you serve!