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Brooke Prudhomme, CPM, LDM (she/her)
Licensed Midwife, Director of Midwifery

Brooke Prudhomme is a Licensed Certified Professional Midwife who has practiced in
private collaborative practice and interprofessional birth center settings since 2012. She
holds licenses in Washington, Tennessee, and Oregon. Brooke began her midwifery
education as an apprentice with Trillium WomanCare, a home birth practice in her
hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. She studied under her preceptor Amy Stewart
Banbury, CPM and the midwives at The Farm in Tennessee before becoming certified
by The North American Registry of Midwives.

Brooke established the midwifery guidelines and state licensure of the first free-standing
birth center and the only full-scope reproductive health center of it’s kind in the United
States, CHOICES: Memphis Center for Reproductive Health. She founded Midwives of
Memphis, a private collaborative homebirth practice. She served as the co-director of
Andaluz Waterbirth Center in Portland, Oregon with Carrie Duncan, CPM before
accepting the position of Director of Midwifery with Rainier Valley Birth and Health
Center in Seattle and Interim Director in Renton.

Brooke is over the moon to be working with Rainier Valley Birth and Health Center
alongside Jodilyn Owen, LM, CPM, Executive Director, Tara Lawal and HR and
Fincance Director, Angela Lee and all of the brilliant Lactation Consultants, Mental
Health providers, Nurse Practioners and staff that allow us to provide whole person care
to each of our clients.

Brooke’s approach to midwifery is focused, dynamic and uplifting. Her curiosity and love
of learning is central to her commitment to providing quality care based on the most up
to date science while creating space for education so that people to feel empowered to
make the most informed decsions that are based on understanding risks and benefits.
Brooke is a mother to 3 boys Jack, Lucas, and Leo and a step parent to her partner’s
daughter Parker. She has a pitbull named Gwen and two cats, Rocky and Eadie.
Brooke loves being out in nature, practicing yoga and meditation, running, lifting weights
studying, writing, making stuff, good food, staying cozy with her family, chatting with her
girlfriends, and laughing a lot. She is thrilled to be a part of the incredible team of
midwives and health professionals at Rainier Valley.

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