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  • The Gift Doula Care

Arneidra Lloyd (she/her)
Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula

I have been fortunate to live out my dream of being a successful educator for the past 17 years in public education to close opportunity and achievement gaps amongst all demographics, providing fair and equitable education and outcomes for students. I have worked in daycare settings, elementary and high schools. I have seen students grow from infants to mature into adults. I’ve also experienced students with cognitive delays because of the absence of proper prenatal care and or sound medical advice. 

I have also faced feeling lost and lonely while trying to navigate the medical system during my first pregnancy not knowing what to expect or what questions to ask. It is now 9 years, and 4 natural at home births later that I am ready to answer my calling of being a Doula.

After attending several births and emotionally supporting birthing parents, I understand more now than ever that knowledge, mental support, and individualized attention is necessary to obtain the ideal birthing experience.

Having a Doula to help assist and walk with you through the beautiful process of childbirth is a gift like non other. As your Doula, I serve you to aid in finding your voice, advocate for the very best care, and help you obtain your ideal birthing experience. I believe that bringing life into this world is sacred and the birthing parent should feel supported and cared for while going through every step of the process.

I am here to support while easing the emotional impact of birth helping to create that sacred space. Every family can benefit from nurturing during this incredible time in their lives.

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